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The Pansy Division Fan Brigade
Recent Entries 
26th-Jul-2002 01:16 am - GRAWL GRAWL GRAWL
i have been trying to find friends so i thought i would try here also. i am moving to chicago in 3 weeks and was wanting to meet people, and even get involved in the riot grrrrl/queercore scene. i really like all kinds of punk. types like of course riot grrrrl(sleater-kinney, heavens to betsy, excuse 17, huggy bear, bikini kill) queercore(team dresch,pansy division, uhhh not so punk but bitch and animal), and whatever it is called(anti-flag, propagandi, nofx, screeching weasel, sex pistols) i am 19 i am bi i am purty :) that was a joke. i really want to get involved in poltical punk. all right if you want to know more reply.
as always johnny
18th-Jun-2002 12:59 am - new
i'm new, i guess i've liked PD for a year or two now.
i'm just a neurotic riot-grrrl.
26th-Mar-2002 05:52 am - Pansy Division on television
From the Pansy Division mailing list:

If you want to see a member of Pansy Division on (cable) Network Television, tune in to VH1 this Thursday, March 28. Their new series Ultimate Albums profiles Green Day's "Dookie" album, and features interview bits with Jon from PD as well as a short section about Pansy Division.

It premiered last Sunday (the 17th), and it airs again at the following times:
Thursday March 28 at 9PM Eastern
Tuesday April 2 at 12:30 AM Eastern (that's late Monday night for certain time zones)
Saturday April 13 at 1 AM (that's late Friday night for certain time zones)

They keep altering the schedule, so you might want to double check at http://www.vh1.com/insidevh1/schedule/series.jhtml?seriesID=8805&_DARGS=%2Finsidevh1%2Fschedule%2Fseries.jhtml.5_A&_DAV=4

For more info, go to
15th-Mar-2002 10:21 pm - Hm....
I'm...Nikki...I only like Pansy Division Because of..::Points to Jessi (Founder of This.)::: Its HER Fault.
But, Now i'm obsessed...a 'girl-fag' ^_^
14th-Mar-2002 08:37 pm - hey
i'm posting in here cuz i remember about a year ago my friend sent me a cd with fuck buddy by pansy division on it to me, and it kicked so much ass..
i guess i'm not really a fan of queercore music, cuz i have no idea what any bands are besides pd..

and just fyi - i'm a straight female..
14th-Mar-2002 07:08 pm - I am Arrogance, thy God
follow dreams soon
Bow before me, founder of this already Forsaken community!!! Mwa-hahahahahaha!!!!!

Nikki, bring me my slippers and a snifter of brandy. And the male ensemble cast of "Queer as Folk".

We must recruit members. We must grow and become strong. We must CONQUER ALL.

...welcome to my world, ladies and gentlemen.
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