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The Pansy Division Fan Brigade
26th-Jul-2002 01:16 am
i have been trying to find friends so i thought i would try here also. i am moving to chicago in 3 weeks and was wanting to meet people, and even get involved in the riot grrrrl/queercore scene. i really like all kinds of punk. types like of course riot grrrrl(sleater-kinney, heavens to betsy, excuse 17, huggy bear, bikini kill) queercore(team dresch,pansy division, uhhh not so punk but bitch and animal), and whatever it is called(anti-flag, propagandi, nofx, screeching weasel, sex pistols) i am 19 i am bi i am purty :) that was a joke. i really want to get involved in poltical punk. all right if you want to know more reply.
as always johnny
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